Stuart Milliner


Fundraising Appointments

Fundraising Appointments

Stuart started out in the sector in 2011 working for two charities focused on improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in the South West. Over the next five years he learned the impact that Fundraising has on a charity and the people they help. He then made the move from the coast and country to the city and started a successful career in recruitment.


Stuart has worked as a Fundraising specialist for a few years and is looking to dedicate his expertise to The Talent Set. With his passion for the sector and his natural drive to compete with himself, we are excited to see him join our fantastic team.


Outside of The Talent Set, Stuart is an experienced classical singer, performing in concerts and competitions. Furthermore, he has applied himself to some creative writing and plans on writing short stories and potentially a novel.


Stuart is passionate about charity work and has helped out sporting charities such as Wooden Spoon and Restart Rugby. With a long history playing rugby, Stuart has seen the impact of sports and charities helping families and children. Most recently, Stuart helped raise over £2500 for a local Cornish charity after walking 80km’s in a day!


Lastly, he has taken part in fundraising rugby matches for RNLI, Bolingey Barbarians, mixed services and many more.