As part of our mission to increase flexible working patterns in the sector we want to highlight the value of job shares. I'm really excited to launch the third episode of our podcast ‘Working Life’. Victoria Dhillon and I recorded this with Lucy McGill and Sally Holden the job share Head of Media at Mencap – this is the first in a series we’re recording of celebrating job shares in the sector.

These roles are in high demand but are still hard to come across and we hope that Lucy McGill and Sally Holden sharing their experience will encourage other organisations to consider job shares.

There are many unseen advantages to hiring a job share and this testimonial from one of Sally and Lucy’s team members highlights a big one

‘I’m continually amazed at the benefits of working for leaders who have a job share, and it works better than I would have ever imagined. It means people can bring so much energy to the role as well as different ideas and experiences, and then gives the team so much more enthusiasm. I really don’t see any negatives and, if there were any, I think the benefits would massively outweigh them.’

To hear more about the benefits to both the employees and employer please take a listen and share your thoughts.