Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce for the charity and public sector.


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Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

We recognise that everyone is different and believe in equality and fair opportunities for all. We are a driving force for the charity and not-for-profit sector, tackling discrimination by creating and celebrating strong, diverse teams and inclusive procedures.

  • Lead by example by creating diverse teams and an inclusive environment in our own business
  • Conduct equal, fair, and inclusive recruitment processes for ourselves and our clients
  • Undergo diversity, discrimination, and inclusion training and raise awareness within our team
  • Continuously review our policies and processes to ensure we encourage diversity and inclusion in the best way possible

Inclusive recruitment processes

Diversity in the workplace relies on inclusive recruitment. We consider diversity and inclusion at every stage of our process, from producing accessible adverts and application processes through to conducting unbiased interviews and creating diverse shortlists with the most suitable candidates. We adjust our practices as needed, and base all our recommendations on client criteria and candidate ability to perform in the role.

Provide advice and support

We know first-hand how beneficial diversity is to an organisation, increasing productivity and encouraging creativity and innovation. We provide consultancy services and work alongside charities and not-for-profit organisations to help them create recruitment and onboarding processes that promote diversity and inclusion and develop teams that are more representative of the community and their beneficiaries.

Challenge inequality in the sector

As specialist recruiters within the charity and not-for-profit sector, we are in a unique position to challenge the diversity gap and make the sector more accessible for everyone. Through our processes and mentoring program, we are working to bring more underrepresented groups into the industry and particularly into leadership and senior roles.